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Learning By Doing It collects anonymous stories about sexual encounters and the wisom they teach, and turn them into audio visual stories in order to share valuable lessons on the topic of sex.

There is so much to talk about when it comes to the lack of sexual education. Talking about sex is often times stigmatised and the topic is poorly covered in school systems; on the other hand, our culture and media is hyper-sexualized. There are so many expectations, pressure, and misconceptions, making it difficult to create a space to talk about sex with judgement.

Despite what we are taught (or not taught) at school, we mostly learn through experience. Unfortunately the wisdom that we gather through trial and error most often doesn't see the light of day. By collecting and sharing anonymous stories about sex and the lessons learned to a wider public, we can become more aware, learn to accept our differences, and better our sexual well-being.

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When you share your story, it can be of help to other people who are going through a similar situation or become aware for the future.

If you want to share your story via this website, start recording below. If you want to share your story by telling it to someone, get in contact by email. You will still be made anonymous.

*Your story will be made 100% anonymous by voice alteration.

By submitting your recording, you agree that your recording can be used as part of this project, given to an illustrator, and shared on social media.

01   Can you describe a sexual experience that taught you a valuable lesson?

02    What was the lesson about?